If you notice any sign of trouble with your roof such as an unstable chimney stack, missing roof tiles, leaks to a flat roof, cracking of guttering, or even mould in your home, act quickly to prevent structural damage and costly repair bills by calling the specialist team at Midland Roofs.

We can undertake a full survey to assess your roof and report on any repairs that need to be carried out. Photo evidence will be provided before and after the repair, so you can rest assured the repair has been taken care of professionally and efficiently.

We only use the best quality roofing materials to get each repair completed to your 100% satisfaction, protecting your home and making it safe, secure and watertight.

Chimneys have to deal with extreme weather conditions and are more susceptible to repairs than any other part of the roof. Chimneys can become neglected over the years and if not regularly maintained, can cause problems for your property, with the onset of poor ventilation and leaks due to deteriorated mortar, whether your chimney is in use or not.

Our experienced team will thoroughly inspect your chimney, leadwork and surrounding tiles and make sure there are no leaks and any repointing that needs to be carried out.

With over 20 years working in the roofing industry, we can see the tell tale signs of a roofing problem before it actually shows itself, so a roof survey is always recommended. We will also always try to improve the heat efficiency in your home so as to save you money on your heating bills.

If you need your roof to be upgraded or extended speak to a member of our team who will organise a free home visit to discuss your requirements and quote you accordingly.

We can also remove moss and carry out general roof cleaning to improve the look of your property instantly.

Our soft wash power washing system delivers a deep cleanse and fungicidal washing to remove moss, debris and years of dirt, without damaging your roof tiles.

So, for roofing repairs or cleaning call in the expert team at Midland Roofs today on either of the numbers at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.